Learn 7 wealth building secrets from Multimillionaire CEO turned Pastor De'andre Salter

De’Andre Salter built a company from the ground up that was doing well, and for most people this would have been enough but he knew there was more… that there had to be a deeper meaning to his life and the business he created. When he unlocked the meaning for all of his efforts, all of the previous business frustrations he had experienced faded away. It inspired him to build an enterprise that now executes over 60 million dollars in transactions annually.

De’Andre discovered 7 Wealth Building Secrets that unlocked the meaning behind his work as an entrepreneur, how it would make an impact on his life, and the lives of others. He now wants to share them with you.

Watch your venture become a vehicle for doing good things, providing jobs, giving back to the community, and creating abundance.

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who is de’andre salter?

Pastor, Scholar, Entrepreneur, Author

De'Andre Salter is a dynamic visionary who possesses an insightful awareness of what people need to be empowered for spiritual and natural success. As Senior Pastor of The Tabernacle Church in South Plainfield, NJ, and the CEO of Professional Risk Solutions and other business ventures, he has helped countless aspiring entrepreneurs build wealth to unlock new opportunities and influence society READ MORE.


  • If you are ready to unlock the meaning of wealth, pick up this book now. Salter provides a fresh perspective that is a game changer!" - Dr. Kenneth C. Ulmer, PhD

  • The book shares time-tested codes on living prosperously in our man-made economy by focusing on universal principles relevant to all aspects of life. - Suna Senman, Huffington Post  >> READ THE FULL REVIEW

  • This book offers encouragement to everyone. No one is hopeless or too far in debt or poverty according to Pastor Salter to change, but he also doesn’t offer quick fixes or get rich methods. He admits true wealth - building wealth God’s way - takes time, dedication, sacrifice, and determination. - Cheri Swalwell, Avid Reader  >> READ THE FULL REVIEW

Salter Foundation

We fund programs that show the love of God in a practical way


  • ADOPTION No child should be without a family and we are here to help.
  • ENTREPRENEURSHIP Small and Micro business initiatives provides people with opportunities to escape poverty, gain a voice in their community and experience a better quality of life.
  • YOUTH EDUCATION Education provides children with opportunities to experience a better quality of life.

The foundation is private and funded primarily by The Salter Family to help orphans, small business dreamers, and at-risk youth and youth workers.


Don't Avoid Doing Good Deeds

Because of Lean Financial Means

Being poor or fiscally irresponsible was neither the example of Jesus nor that of successful entrepreneurs such as Bill Gates. The path to abundance starts from the inside out. Only a person who is whole on the inside can manage unlimited wealth on the outside.